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Scrapbook Competition

The time has come to start working on your Assembly Scrapbook! 
Grand Assembly is only a few months away. 
All Illinois Assemblies are eligible to participate in the Scrapbook Competition.
All you need are pictures, friends, and memories.

Here is our Top Ten List 
of reasons why your Assembly 
should bring a Scrapbook to Grand Assembly.

10.  When you are 90, you can show your kids & grandkids
how different Rainbow was in 2003.

9.  Won't it be fun to see what you and your friends did this year.

8.  History is an important part of Rainbow.

7.  Wouldn't it be cool to win an award at Grand Assembly.

6.  It is another excuse to get together with your Rainbow pals.

5.  Don't forget there is always food at Rainbow.

4.  Think of an Amazing Theme.

3.  Don't forget to show us your Service Projects.

2.  This is a Great Way to Show your Friends what Rainbow is!

1.  Show Illinois How Awesome Your Assembly Truly Is!

For more information email Faith Dabbs at Hope9495@iliorg.org
Assembly scrapbook registration is due by June 1, 2003
Sample Score Sheet available soon.

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