Mary Aliceís Majority Association 

Memberís Name  ________________________

In order to better serve Rainbow in Illinois, please take a moment to share ideas
and provide information where you would like to help.

Please check any of the areas where you have an interest of contributing to Illinois Rainbow.

Grand Assembly
_____Cafeteria Dinning    _____Grand Assembly Hospitality Room
_____General Eligibility   _____Grand Assembly Security
_____Judging Scrapbook Competition    _____Judging Ritual Competition
_____Grand Assembly Arcade
_____Cafeteria Dinning    _____General Eligibility
_____Membership                                   _____District Membership Chairperson
Other Areas
_____Fundraising                                     _____ Rainbow Leadership Camp
_____Rainbow News                                _____Sigma Tau Alpha

M.A.M.A. Officer, Committee Chairperson, or Committee Member
____Finance Committee  ____Website Committee
____Fundraising Committee                    ____Editor for Rainbow News
____ By-laws Committee  ____Membership Committee
____ Publicity Committee  ____Grand Assembly Scholarship Committee
____ Camp Scholarship Committee
____ Sunshine and Raindrops Committee

Illinois Rainbow has expressed interest in hosting the Supreme Assembly Session for 2008.
Please check the boxes of any area where you would like to participate.
____ Decorations    ____ Committee    ____ Fundraising
____ Other___________________________________________________________________

M.A.M.A. is looking for new ideas to help build Rainbow to a brighter future.
Please give us your comments or ideas.

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