Planning ahead is important to a successful start NOW and be prepared when YOUR BIG DAY arrives.  Always remember that your Mother Advisor is ready and willing to help.  Listed below are things you should be thinking about:

1.  Date of Installation--Discuss with Mother Advisor--Temple must be reserved and this must be done before ordering invitations.

2.  Invitations--Should be mailed 3 weeks prior to your installation.  Ask your Mother Advisor for names of prospective members, pledges, etc.  Be sure to include your Grand Deputy and area assemblies.

3.  Term Motto:

4.  Term Colors:

5.  Term Flower:

6.  Term Symbol:

7.  Term Song:

8.  Term Charity:

9.  Program covers and Inserts

10.  Guests in the East and/or Honored Guests

11.  Minister or someone of your choosing for the benediction

12.  Guest book and guest book attendant

13.  Installing Officers--Discuss your choices with your Mother Advisor before making any commitments
    a.  Installing Officer--(Her responsibility is tremendous, so ask her in plenty of time so that she can be well prepared.)

    b. Installing Marshal--
    c. Installing Chaplain--
    d. Installing Recorder--
    e. Installing Musician and/or Soloist--(Be sure they have any special music well ahead of time for proper practice.)
    f. Inviting Drill Leader (often the outgoing Drill Leader)

14.  Do you want escorts for the Installing Officers, such as DeMolay, Commandery, etc.?  If so, contact the appropriate presiding officer of the organization.  (DeMolay may also do the 9:00 Interpolation ceremony.)

15.  Flower girl

16.  Crown Bearer

17.  Escort for the Worthy Advisor

18.  Person to crown Worthy Advisor

19.  Ode to the American Flag--(given from memory)

20.  Ode to the Rainbow Flag--(given from memory)

21.  Rose Ceremony?

22.  Songs--select appropriate songs at least one month ahead of time so that the Musician and Soloist can coordinate practices.

23. Your speech--Explain your term motto, etc.; Introduce Family members, also thank you to various participants--see the business book for a more detailed list of suggestions and the Worthy Advisor Remarks worksheet.

24.  Gifts for your Installing Officers, Officers and Choir, if this is the custom in your assembly

25.  Plan a retiring march--also be thinking of the way you want the opening march for entrances into the Assembly Room at he beginning of the regular meetings.

26.  Flowers--

27.  Refreshments--Ask your Advisory Board members and/or mothers of the members to help in the kitchen and with clean-up.  Try to include both those who will be familiar with the facilities and newer members.

28.  Decorations for the reception area--have plenty of help lined up on the day to help you accomplish the task.

29.  Do you want the Commandery as an Honor Guard?

30.  Reception--Food and Table Attendants.

31.  Photographer

32.  Term Calendar--should include charity project, fun project, moneymaking project, membership activities, and special meetings in addition to your regular meetings.

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