Business Alert!
Immediate Attention should be given to this update in Jurisprudence:

Supreme 2002
Constitution   Page 2: New Section 4:

Each year Supreme Inspectors and Supreme Deputies MUST make a complete financial report of EVERY account.  Each account requires two (2) signatures.  They must be audited by an independent auditor or three (3) person, who may be from the Executive Board or Sponsoring Bodies.  After the audit, copies will be given to every member of the Executive Board of their Jusrisdiction, as well as each Assembly and a copy will be sent to the Supreme Assembly.
1.  This is for your protection!!  In case of an accident or death, it will all be in order for your successor.
2.  The monies really belong to the girls, and they should be informed of how it is used and spent.
3.  This makes it possible for the Supreme Assembly, the Supreme Worthy Advisor and the Supreme Recorder to support you in case of complaints.

At ALL Illinois Assembly Official Visits this year, Mrs. Renda will inspect the following items:
Cash Book
Treasurer's Book
Recorder's Minutes Book
Most Recent Bank Statement(s)

Please be prepared and  have them ready and available.

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