Introduction of Family and Friends
(You may have your parents escorted to the east, if they are not already seated there.  You may have a song for them and they may speak if they choose to do so.)

Introduction of Special Guest(s)
(Have something to say to them and call on them to speak)

Special Presentations:
(May include Odes to flags, Rose ceremony, Ceremonies by guest organizations, etc.)

Term Motto: Colors:
Flower: Symbol:
Song: Charity:

Overview of Term Schedule

Thank You to:
(Be specific about who you are thanking and for what.)

Presentation of Merit Bars earned in the previous term.

Outgoing Worthy Advisor may be escorted to the altar to sign the Bible.  (You may have her song sung at this time.)

Ask for remarks from the Outgoing Worthy Advisor, Mother Advisor, Installing Officer, etc.

"Sister Installing Caplain (rises), you will attend the altar."  (three raps)

"(call on the designated person) will now give the benediction."

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