Report on the 2008 "Lucky" Session

394 people attended the 77th Illinois Grand Assembly Session in Springfield, Illinois from July 3-6, 2008.
Mattie McNeal Grand Worthy Advisor 2007-2008, presided over a lovely session.
15 Out of State visitors included guests from: Ohio, California, Kansas, Kentucky, and Wisconsin.
9 Masonic Dignitaries also attended sessions.

Members from 19 assemblies attended and all active Rainbow Girls in attendance were voting delegates.
A bowling party and tours including the Lincoln Presidential Museum were enjoyed by many attendees.
Latch-hook rug project nearing completion thanks to many volunteers throughout the weekend.
Majority Service was performed by a team of majority members.

Some of the many awards and highlights include:

Mrs. Renda appointed Kelly Ferguson (Bloomington-Normal #7) to sing at Supreme Assembly in Chicago and
Kayla Liesman to give the invocation at the Supreme Banquet.

Two four-year scholarships were awarded:
Nikki Ross (Sociology and Religious Studies) from Faith #2 and Nicole Strean (Interior Design) from Oak Forest #103.

Certificates of Achievement for No Suspension No or Loss of Membership in 2007
Faith Assembly #2
Alton Assembly #8
Moline Assembly #22
Radiant Assembly #27
Bushnell Assembly # 36
Lincoln Assembly # 87
Friendship Assembly #100

G. Wilber Bell Award for Greatest Percentage of increase in membership per Capita:
1st place trophy with 100% increase--Radiant Assembly #27
2nd place certificate with 37.5% increase--Antioch Assembly #23

Kolmer Memorial Award for Assembly bringing in the Most Petitions from Grand to Grand
1st place trophy with 11 petitions--Harmony Assembly #118
2nd place certificates with 5 petitions--Jacksonville-Golden Assembly #19 AND Springfield Assembly # 18

Butler Memorial Award for Most Petitions in the last year:
1st place certificates with 3 petitions each
Heather Bednar, Antioch #23
Aylssa Clayton, Jacksonville-Golden #19
 Cara Karales  Harmony #118
 Toni Kremitzki Virden #34
 Tori Spitzer  Harmony #118

Go-Getters Awards:
Merit Bar and Pin for 5 petitions bar throughout a girl's Rainbow career
Emily Shafer, Springfield #18

2nd Merit Bar denoting 10 petitions throughout a girl's Rainbow career
Tori Spitzer   Harmony #118

Ritual Competition --Word Perfect Regular
Love Tanisha Geiman Radiant #27 
Religion  Amanda Wrazien Oak Forest #103
Religion  Heather Bednar Antioch #23
Religion  Megan Melcher  Moline #22
Nature Jasmine Kossaris Faith #2
Fidelity  Brittany Martin Belleville #4
Patriotism Jasmine Kossaris Faith #2
Service Becca Fisher Sunshine #114
Faith Becca Fisher Sunshine #114
Ritual Competition--Word Perfect Novice
Ritual Competition --1st Place and Most Expressive Regular
1st Place Love Tanisha Geiman Radiant #27
Most Expressive Love Cassie Goodpaster  Faith  #2
1st Place Religion Megan Melcher  Moline #22
Most Expressive Religion Megan Melcher Moline #22
1st Place Nature Jasmine Kossaris  Faith  #2
Most Expressive Nature Jasmine Kossaris  Faith  #2
1st Place Immortality Ashley Doranski and Jasmine  Kossaris Oak Forest #103 & Faith  #2
Most Expressive Immortality Nicole Strean  Radiant #27
1st Place Fidelity Brittany Martin and Megan Melcher  Belleville #4 & Moline #22
Most Expressive Fidelity Megan Melcher  Moline #22
1st Place Patriotism Jasmine Kossaris Faith #2 
Most Expressive Patriotism Amanda Wrazien  Oak Forest #103
1st Place Service Becca Fisher  Sunshine #114
Most Expressive Service Becca Fisher, Cassie Goodpaster, and Kayla Stiver  Sunshine #114, Faith #2, & Radiant #27
1st Place Faith Becca Fisher Sunshine #114
Most Expressive Faith Becca Fisher Sunshine #114
1st Place Ode Alyssa Verne Radiant #27
Most Expressive Ode Alyssa Verne Radiant #27
Ritual Competition--1st Place Novice
Love Michaela Sinks  Belleville #4
Religion Cara Karales  Harmony #118
Nature Alyssa Clayton  Jacksonville-Golden #19
Immortality Tamirra Hammond  Quincy #31
Fidelity Veronica Cassel  Antioch #23
Service Randi Smith  Springfield #18
Faith Rachel Ewell Radiant #27
Chaplain Cara Karales  Harmony #118

Brittany Pensky, from Bloomington-Normal #7, was named Rainbow Girl of the Year 2008-2009
Pam Trinco, Mother Advisor of Harmony #118was named Mother Advisor of the Year for 2008-2009
Al House, from Bloomington-Normal #7 was named Rainbow Dad of the Year for 2008-2009
Dan Jones, from Harmony #118 was named the first ever Advisory Board Member of the Year for 2008-2009
Antioch #23 Assembly of the Yearfor 2008-2009

Grand Representative Flags
1st Place flag design: Tori Spitzer of Harmony #118 for her flag of Canada
Honorable Mention given to Kerry Hansen of Springfield #18 for the flag of New Hampshire
Honorable Mention given to Gail Gerswhain of Jewell #6 for her flag of Washington-Idaho

Scrapbook Awards:
Best OverAll Scrapbook was a tie and awarded to BOTH Sunshine #114 & Antioch #23
Best Contents Scrapbook went to Oak Forest #103
Best Cover Scrapbook went to Friendship #100
 Best Theme Scrapbook went to Faith #2
Best Novice awarded to Harmony #118
Gold Status: Faith #2, Antioch #23, Sunshine #100, Harmony #118
Silver Status: Radiant #27, Friendship # 100, Oak Forest #103
Bronze Status:  Jacksonville-Golden #19 and Moline #22

Piper Rummel of Faith #2 won the 11  & 12 year old program giving her a seat next to Mattie McNeal at the head table during the Grand Banquet and the honor of marching in with the distinguished guests.

Door Decoration Prizes were awarded to the following Assemblies:
1st Place: Belleville
2nd Place: Sunshine
3rd Place: Belleville
Honorable Mentions: Oak Forest and Jewell

Pantaloon Awards: 1st Place: Bridget Fee of Radiant; 2nd Place: Mattie McNeal of Moline; 3rd Place: Rachel Weaver of Belleville

Grand Charity Fund total was $6,443.00 for the IL Chip program!!!
$1240.00 of the total came from the Penny Parade.

Miss Kayla Liesman and the 2008-2009 Grand Family were installed.

Members, please send the Illinois Grand Web Master  more award information to include here.

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