2005 Grand Assembly Schedule
  Thursday, July 7
9:30 AMxxxx  Grand Representatives Flags Stapled
10:00 AM Rehearsal for Grand Representatives
10:30 AM Ritual Competiton--Individual
11:00 AM Rehearsal for Grand Officers and Grand Representatives Marches, Book of Time and Memorials
12:00 Noonx Luncheon for Grand Officers & Grand Representatives
1:00 PM Rehearsal for Grand Officers
4:30 PM Rehearsal for Grand Cross Team
5:30 PM Rehearsal for Grand Soloists
6:30 PM Dinner Party for Grand Family and Grand Cross Team with Awards and Presentations
8:00 PM Ritual Competition--Team
  Friday, July 8
  8:00 AM xxxx  Rehearsal for Grand Hostesses
  8:45 AM Rehearsal for Grand Pages
  9:15 AM Rehearsal for Tributes, Devotions and Responses
  9:30 AM Grand Deputies Meeting
  9:45 AM Rehearsal for Co-Editors of Rainbow News
10:15 AM Rehearsal for Scrapbook Representatives
11:00 AMxxx Grand Cross of Color Designates--please sign the Book of Vows in the lobby before 11:00 AM
11:30 AM Grand Cross of Color Luncheon
  1:00 PM Grand Cross of Color Degrees
  2:15 PM Rehearsal for Grand Choir, Soloist and Musicians
  2:30 PM Sigma Tau Alpha Meeting with Initiation
  4:30 PM Dinner
  6:30 PM Formal Opening Ceremonies (Closed Meeting)
WA and MA please wear formals for introductions
Penny Parade with Assembly Banners at close of session
Saturday, July 9
  6:45 AM Mother Advisors, State Executive Committee and Grand Deputies Breakfast
7:00-8:00 AMxxxxxx  Cafeteria Breakfast
  8:30 AM Closed Session--Initiation and Reports 
Dean of Grand Cross of Color, Sigma Tau Alpha, Rainbow Camp, Scholarships, Illinois Rainbow News
  11:30 AM Lunch
WA and PWA Luncheon
  12:30 PM Closed Session--Election of Grand Line Officers, Grand Representative Reports, Greetings from Out of State Guests
Open Session--Grandie/Past Grandie March, Rainbow Review
  6:00 PM Line-up of Distinguished Guests for Grand March
  6:30 PM Formal Dinner Dance
Sunday, July 10
7:00-8:00 AMxxxxxx  Cafeteria Breakfast
  8:00 AM Meeting for participants in the Memorial Service, Grand Assembly Room
  8:30 AM Open Session--Church Service, Memorial Service, Children's Dedication
Closed Session--Majority Service, Greetings from Honored PGWAs, Report of Registration Chairman, Report of Grand Worthy Advisor, Appointment of New Grand Family, Appointment of Grand Cross of Color Team, Formal Closing and Book of Time Ceremony
12:00 Noon Lunch
  1:00 PM Rehearsal for Installation
  3:30 PM Installation of Grand Officers

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